Welcome to Ontario's Anesthesiologists Beyond the Mask Initiative.  The Executive committee has been exploring a number of issues on behalf of Anesthesiologists across Ontario and is committed to raising the image and profile of our Specialty. BEYOND THE MASK: ANESTHESIOLOGY 20.20 is a strategic initiative that was crafted to elevate our role and profile in the health care system over the next 5 years. To help achieve these goals, the Executive has engaged a highly regarded strategic consultant, Dr. Jane Cooke-Lauder.  

As part of its initiative, the Executive of the Ontario’s Anesthesiologists has approved the Beyond the Mask initiative to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Anesthesiologists in new and different leadership roles (beyond Anesthesiologist in Chief)
  2. Anesthesiologists in more leadership roles in delivering care, within the hospital, as part of the profession and across the system
  3. More anesthesiologists involved in influencing health and public policy
  4. Introduction of new proven approaches, practices and procedures
  5. Stakeholders (including OMA, hospital administrators, policy makers and colleagues) identify anesthesiologists as being influential in transforming the system
  6. The public is better informed as to the role of anesthesiologists in determining patient safety
  7. Individual anesthesiologists indicate a stronger identity and sense of professional contribution
  8. Other jurisdictions across Canada are implementing similar approaches.


For this initiative to be successful, the Executive needs the involvement of Anesthesiologists in Ontario.  If you would like to be involved, please provide your contact details below:

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For an access code to our video presentation from our Annual Ontario Anesthesia Meeting last September, please notify our administrative coordinator by filling out the following:

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