Thank you to all members who participated in our recent one-day Peri-Operative Leadership Program: Strategic Leadership in a Reform Environment, held in Toronto November 4th, 2017.  One of the initiatives for the coming year is to explore the possibility of offering a tailored leadership certification for anesthesiology leaders, while continuing to offer further stand alone programs  Target audiences are current, as well as up and coming, anesthesiology leaders.

Our first offering, held at the OHA’s incredible new Education Centre, was designed to be unique from other leadership opportunities by providing a health system reform "primer", having interactive sessions replicating "real life" experiences to practice the act of leading change, as well as an emphasis on the need for anesthesiologists in leadership positions to be "interface professionals."

Through these offerings, the section is striving to provide members with transformational opportunities and the foundations for entry into positions of influence in any number of settings. Without ignoring the obvious challenges in our current medical-political climate, the Executive would prefer to continue to be positive and future-oriented.  We are trying to stay above the fray, so to speak, and position Anesthesiologists as participants and influencers in our changing health care system.  

We intend to develop further sessions so please look out for communications from the section on a Spring 2018 program. In the meantime, if you have specific ideas about what you'd like to have included in these offerings, please contact our section administrator, Emily Hill.

~ Learn More About Going Beyond the Mask ~

Our BTM project management team is conducting a series of interviews with Anesthesiologists who are Going Beyond the Mask — individuals identified by their peers as important leaders in the healthcare system. Interviewees share their stories and provided insights on a variety of useful topics to help you, our members, become aware of opportunities, tools and support mechanisms. Click here to learn more and to read about their success then head over here to nominate another Anesthesiologist who is Going Beyond the Mask.

We were excited to announce the launch of our Choosing Wisely Implementation Guide in June 2017. It aims to support conversations and actions to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. Using a case study approach, this guide includes templates, tools and change management suggestions to enable all hospitals to achieve the benefits of improved patient care. Click here to access the Implementation Guide.

The Section has been exploring a number of strategic issues and concerns on behalf of Anesthesiologists across Ontario and is committed to raising the image and profile of our Specialty. Beyond the Mask, a five-year strategic initiative, was crafted to enable Anesthesiologists to demonstrate innovative and leadership skills and abilities within the perioperative suite and beyond and thus elevate our role and profile in the health care system.  If you would like to hear more about our upcoming projects and/or participate in our Working Group, please click here. 

Our members are invited to access our Resource Centres on PetalMD, which features distinct Chief, Family Practice Anesthetist and General Membership groups. These Resource Centres have dynamic tools for Ontario Anesthesiologists to engage in discussions and share information about a range of peri-operative and leadership activities. They are accessible on your desktop, phone, or tablet. Click here for more information. 

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