Beyond the Mask PetalMD Resource Centres

Members have indicated via various section surveys, that they would find a Resource Centre very useful for sharing tools, templates, medical directives and other important resources, as well as engaging in open communication with other Anesthesiologists across the province.  We choose PetalMD as the platform to host this Centre, a site that is easily accessible, allows for content to be catalogued in an intuitive manner, has a user-friendly discussion forum and the provision of additional support structures. Over the last year, we have rolled-out three distinct groups (see below), which we welcome our section members to join at any time.  Please email our section administrator, Emily Hill, for more information. 

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General Membership Resource Centre

Our General Membership Resource Centre hosts a variety of documents and open discussion opportunities captured under such headings as:

  • Health Care in Ontario and Hospital Governance
  • Knowing and Managing Yourself and Leadership High Performance Teams
  • Basics of Hospital Finances
  • Quality, Safety and Risk Management
  • Order Sets, Clinical Domains and Protocols
  • OMA Section Documents...and much more
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Chiefs' Resource Centre


In addition to the topics and resources listed above, the Chief's Resource Centre provides the opportunity for Anesthesiology Chiefs to engage in discussions with other Chiefs across the province, talk about issues and share resources unique to the work associated with managing a hospital department. 


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Family Practice Anesthetist Resource Centre


The section recognizes the importance of identity and fostering Family Practice Anesthetists to develop as a community. Through our distinct FP-A Resource Centre, we are providing an opportunity for FP-A's to connect and network in order to strengthen the relationships amongst FP-As in Ontario.

~ Learn More About Going Beyond the Mask ~

Our BTM project management team has conducted a series of interviews with Anesthesiologists who are Going Beyond the Mask - individuals identified by their peers as important leaders in the healthcare system. Interviewees shared their stories and provided insights on a variety of useful topics to help you, our members, become aware of opportunities, tools and support mechanisms.  Click here to learn more and to read about their success.

We were excited to announce the launch of our Choosing Wisely Implementation Guide in June 2017. supporting conversations and actions to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. Using a case study approach, this guide includes templates, tools and change management suggestions to enable all hospitals to achieve the benefits of improved patient care. Click here to access the Implementation Guide.

Our members are invited to access one of our Resource Centres on PetalMD, including distinct Chief, Family Practice Anesthetist and General Membership groups. These Resource Centres have dynamic tools for Ontario Anesthesiologists to engage in discussions and share information about a range of peri-operative and leadership activities. They are accessible on your desktop, phone, or tablet. Click here for more information. 

Ontario’s Anesthesiologists is partnering with the Ontario Hospital Association to develop tailored, applied, accredited and relevant programs for Anesthesiologists and FP/GP Anesthetists. Our first one-day session on Strategic Leadership in a Reform Environment was a huge success.  We will be offering additional programs in 2018. Please click here for more information.

The Public Website for the Section on Anesthesiology of the Ontario Medical Association is intended to give general information about who Ontario’s Anesthesiologists are and what they do. This website is NOT intended to be a source of medical advice.