Beyond the Mask

Welcome to the information page for Ontario's Anesthesiologists Beyond the Mask Strategic Initiative (BTM). The Executive Committee, given the volatile health system environment, has been exploring a number of strategic issues and concerns on behalf of Anesthesiologists across Ontario. This has given rise to the BEYOND THE MASK: ANESTHESIOLOGY 20.20, a strategic initiative to raise the image and profile of our specialty by having Anesthesiologists recognized as innovators, perioperative leaders, and system managers. To implement the strategic iniative, the Executive established a Working Group of section members, working with a highly regarded strategic consultant, Dr. Jane Cooke-Lauder.  

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The Section has been exploring a number of strategic issues and concerns on behalf of Anesthesiologists across Ontario and is committed to raising the image and profile of our Specialty. Beyond the Mask, a five-year strategic initiative, was crafted to enable Anesthesiologists to demonstrate innovative and leadership skills and abilities within the perioperative suite and beyond and thus elevate our role and profile in the health care system.  If you would like to hear more about our upcoming projects and/or participate in our Working Group, please click here.  

We were excited to announce the launch of our Choosing Wisely Implementation Guide in June 2017. supporting conversations and actions to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. Using a case study approach, this guide includes templates, tools and change management suggestions to enable all hospitals to achieve the benefits of improved patient care. Click here to access the Implementation Guide.

Our members are invited to access one of our Resource Centres on PetalMD, including distinct Chief, Family Practice Anesthetist and General Membership groups. These Resource Centres have dynamic tools for Ontario Anesthesiologists to engage in discussions and share information about a range of peri-operative and leadership activities. They are accessible on your desktop, phone, or tablet. Click here for more information.  

Ontario’s Anesthesiologists is partnering with the Ontario Hospital Association to develop tailored, applied, accredited and relevant programs for Anesthesiologists and FP/GP Anesthetists. Our first one-day session on Strategic Leadership in a Reform Environment was a huge success.  We will be offering additional programs in 2018. Please click here for more information.  

~ Members Who Are Going Beyond the Mask~

Dr. Paul Gill

Fall 2018 Interview

Dr. Viren Naik

Summer 2018

Dr. Hance Clarke

Spring 2018

Dr. Nadia Alam

Winter 2018 Interview

Dr. Michael Sullivan

Fall 2017 Interview

Dr. Beverley Orser

Spring 2017 Interview

Dr. Valerie Schulz

Summer 2016 Interview

Dr. Patricia Houston

Spring 2016 Interview

Dr. Ted Crosby

Winter 2016 Interview

Dr. Sanjay Acharya

Summer 2015 Interview

Congratulations to the Recipient of our 2018 Distinguished Service Award, Dr. Doreen Yee from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

The Ontario’s Anesthesiologists Distinguished Service Award is awarded to an Anesthesiologist in recognition of outstanding contributions in patient care and the promotion of our specialty over the course of their career.  It is the highest honour our organization can bestow.  Our 2018 Distinguished Service Award was awarded to Dr. Doreen Yee from Toronto... Click here for the full article


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