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Check Out Our 2018
Transition-to-Practice Event

Held September 21 from 2:00pm-6:00pm at Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle

The Transition-to-practice event, held during the annual Ontario Anesthesia Meeting, assists residents and fellows build expertise in leadership, understanding finances, and in policy advocacy. This event is coordinated by Ontario’s Anesthesiologists resident representatives and aims to help prepare trainees with the transition from training to practice. In 2018, topics included: 

  • 2:00 Kyle Kirkham - Keynote Speech: Looking Forward as Anaesthetists - Our Role as Perioperative Physicians

    2:40 Financial Planning - Rex Chan

    3:20 Incorporation - Ryan Gossin, MD Financial

    4:00 OMA - What does governance look like? What is the pipeline looking like with relativity/CANDI?

    4:30 Billing - Eric Goldszmidt

    5:20 Chiefs’ Meet and Greet

Annual Resident and Fellow Social Event

Our 2018 social event was held September 21, 7:30pm-11:00pm at the Westin’s Goodman Pub and Kitchen. It was attended by numerous anesthesiology Residents and Fellows who mingle with with Anesthesiologists from across the province while enjoying some delicious food and drinks. This event was free to attend.

We look forward to doing it again in 2019!