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Beyond the Mask

Application for Oji Life Labs App Trial

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Emotions at Work: Exclusive Beta Opportunity
The Beyond the Mask initiative has been selected to participate in an innovative Emotional Intelligence training program created by Oji Life Lab. The Emotions Life Lab, based on validated research from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, aims to demonstrate a meaningful change for its participants within the preoperative suite and beyond. More than twenty years of research indicate that:

Emotions Drive:
• Attention, memory, learning
• Decision-making
• Relationship quality
• Physical and mental health
• Creativity & performance

We have a 30 open seats for select anesthesiologists who are interested in exploring and expanding their emotional intelligence. Application below.

How it works:
• Mobile app delivers carefully designed sequence of about 50 learning steps
• Steps are quick, less than 10 minutes each
• You set the pace and choose the best time to engage

This opportunity is brought to you by the Beyond the Mask initiative as part of our ongoing efforts to elevate the impact of Anesthesiologists as leaders. If you’re interested in participating, please submit the following information:

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