Ontario’s Anesthesiologists congratulates you on your acceptance into an Ontario Anesthesiology training program. We believe you have chosen a rewarding specialty program and have a very bright future ahead of you.  

Ontario’s Anesthesiologists represents over 1,600 anesthesiologists in the province of Ontario. As a member of our section, you have the opportunity to participate in leadership courses, apply for leadership funding, participate in our transition to practice event and attend our annual fall meeting. Please see below for the exciting opportunities awaiting you as a member of Ontario’s Anesthesiologists:

Transition-to-Practice Event

Ontario’s Anesthesiologists hosts a Transition-to-Practice event specifically directed towards residents and fellows, held during the annual Ontario Anesthesia Meeting. This event is specifically directed towards assisting residents and fellows with non-medical expert topics such as incorporation, leadership, billing, disability insurance, etc.  The fall meeting is also a great opportunity to meet fellow residents from different programs in Ontario, attend academic lectures and begin to make those connections for future employment. Please check out the OA Meeting Website for more information regarding this event and others at this year’s Ontario Anesthesiology Meeting.

Leadership Programs

This past winter, Ontario’s Anesthesiologists was very pleased to sponsor 20 postgraduate Anesthesiology residents from across the province to participate in a resident directed online leadership course. This course was designed and offered through the Physician Management Institute and supported by the Canadian Medical Association.

Ontario’s Anesthesiologists would like programs like these to be an ongoing initiative, to support new leadership skills and perspectives that allow residents to interact and collaborate with one another across Ontario.    

Programs and Services

The Ontario Medical Association provides a broad range of programs and services for its members:

  • Physician Health Program

  • Physician Leadership Development Program

  • OMA Advantages Program- Discounts

  • Practice Management & Advisory Services

  • Legal Advice and Incorporation Services

  • OMA Insurance Plans

  • Government Relations

  • Ontario Medical Review magazine

  • Health Links