Who We Are

Anesthesiologists are the medical doctors who are responsible for your well-being before, during, and after surgery. We See You Through Your Most Critical Times

Ontario’s 1600+ anesthesiologists:

  • Provide local, regional and general anesthesia in the Operating Room;

  • Administer epidural analgesia to mothers in labour;

  • Assist with resuscitation in the Emergency Department, and

  • Treat critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

We provide sedation for painful procedures throughout the hospital. We treat both acute and chronic pain conditions, and are responsible for pre-operative assessment and the immediate post-operative care of patients undergoing surgery. We are often involved in running operating rooms, and are involved in hospital administration.

Improving Healthcare in Ontario

Because we participate in so many aspect of caring for Ontario's patients, we are uniquely positioned to identify opportunities for efficiencies. We also have a strong history of working with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to improve fiscal prudence, while ensuring we maintain the highest standards of care, and access to care, for all Ontarians. For more information on how Ontario's Anesthesiologists have helped reduce costs and improve access to care, as well as our position on the ongoing issue of the province's healthcare budget cutes, please see: Improving Healthcare in Ontario.

~ Section Updates for Anesthesiologists ~

Ontario Anesthesia Conference Weekend

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 3.17.49 PM.png

The Section Executive would like to thank all attendees of the 63rd annual Ontario Anesthesia Meeting (OAM). We were delighted that so many of you could join us for the variety of events surrounding our conference in Toronto. Please click below for an overview of the conference events, including a Beyond the Mask update and announcement for our 2018 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, Dr. Doreen Yee. Our 2019 conference will be held Thursday, September 26 to Sunday September 29, back in Toronto at the Westin Harbour Castle

Choosing Wisely Implementation Guide

We are excited to announce the launch of our Choosing Wisely Implementation Guide, supporting conversations to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. Using a case study approach, this guide includes templates, tools and change management suggestions to enable all hospitals to achieve the benefits of improved patient care. Click below to access the document.

Join our Beyond the Mask Working Group

The Section has been exploring a number of strategic issues and concerns on behalf of Anesthesiologists across Ontario and is committed to raising the image and profile of our Specialty. Beyond the Mask, a five-year strategic initiative, was crafted to enable Anesthesiologists to demonstrate innovative and leadership skills and abilities within the perioperative suite and beyond and thus elevate our role and profile in the health care system. If you would like to hear more about our upcoming projects and/or participate in our Working Group, please click below

Oji Life Lab Emotional Intelligence Tool


The Beyond the Mask initiative has been selected to participate in an innovative Emotional Intelligence training program created by Oji Life Lab. The Emotion Life Lab, based on validated research from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, aims to demonstrate a meaningful change for its participants within the preoperative suite and beyond. Click below for more information on this exciting new project.

Congratulations to the Recipient of our 2018 Distinguished Service Award, Dr. Doreen Yee from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

The Ontario’s Anesthesiologists Distinguished Service Award is awarded to an anesthesiologist in recognition of outstanding contributions in patient care and the promotion of our specialty over the course of their career. It is the highest honour our organization can bestow. We are very proud to award the 2018 Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Doreen Yee from Toronto. Click here for the full article.



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