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Welcome to the information page for Ontario's Anesthesiologists Beyond the Mask Strategic Initiative (BTM). The Executive Committee, given the volatile health system environment, has been exploring a number of strategic issues and concerns on behalf of Anesthesiologists across Ontario. This has given rise to the BEYOND THE MASK: ANESTHESIOLOGY 20.20, a strategic initiative to raise the image and profile of our specialty by having Anesthesiologists recognized as innovators, peri-operative leaders, and system managers. To implement the strategic initiative, the Executive established a Working Group of section members, working with a highly regarded strategic consultant, Dr. Jane Cooke-Lauder.  

~ Current and Recent Initiatives ~

Pain Management Project

BTM is excited to announce that our next signature project will focus on peri-operative pain management. We believe that given anesthesiologists' direct connection with both pain management and the OR, they are ideally positioned to provide guidance and recommendations around opioid use within the context of peri-operative pain management. The first phase of this multi-phase project is focusing on developing an app that will put the latest guidelines and recommendations around acute pain management right in the hands of Canadian physicians.

Each year, we offer our Members one or two leadership development days that are designed to elevate their leadership potential and help with acquiring the skills needed to address real-world challenges in the OR and beyond. Our next event is scheduled for September 26 during the Ontario Anesthesia Meeting. Health System Fundamentals for the Anesthesiologist: Part II — designed for Ontario’s anesthesiologists by Ontario’s anesthesiologists will focus on the essentials of healthcare in this province. Applications are now being accepted but space is limited so apply today!


Smith Falls District Hospital, One of our Roadshow Sites

Smith Falls District Hospital, One of our Roadshow Sites

In the fall of 2018, BTM and the Executive Committee launched a series of roadshows. These events took place at three hospitals located across the province and featured an Executive or BTM member meeting with the facility’s anesthesiologists for a face-to-face discussion that explored both local and province-wide issues and concerns. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to running more roadshows in the future. Want a roadshow to pay your institution a visit? Let us know!

The OA App


Engagement with Section members is a key priority for both the Executive and BTM. We are currently in the process of developing a “one-stop shop” app that will facilitate conversations between Members, display the latest communications from the Section, provide easy access to documents now found in the PetalMD Resource Centre and allow Members to easily share their research and work as well as the research and work by other anesthesiologists. If you have suggestions for the app, or would like to be a member of its focus group, please let us know!

We were excited to announce the launch of our Choosing Wisely Implementation Guide in June 2017. This document supports conversations and actions to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. Using a case study approach, the guide includes templates, tools and change management suggestions to enable all hospitals to achieve the benefits of improved patient care. The entire guide is now online and ready to be implemented by physicians and hospitals across the province. An update published one year later, in the summer of 2018, provides additional case studies and information about HQO’s Hospital Services Report.

Another innovative initiative involves supporting members with enhancing their emotional intelligence (EI) by piloting Oji Emotion Life Lab’s new app. Being able to identify and regulate emotions has been proven to improve personal and professional effectiveness. Based on validated research from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, the Emotion Life Lab app is designed to support meaningful change in an accessible and easy-to-adopt format. The first phase, which saw around 40 members piloting the app, recently wrapped up. We’re excited to share the results and work on future phases.

Beyond the Mask depends on its volunteer-based Working Group to provide input, guidance and support for its various initiatives. Comprised of anesthesiologists from across Ontario, the Working Group is vital to the implementation and success of our projects and other activities. Because of this, we want to give all of our Working Group members, past and present, a huge “Thank you!”

If you are interested in helping to shape the future of anesthesia and healthcare in our province, read on or click here for more details on how you can volunteer with BTM.

~ Join Beyond the Mask ~

Fresh faces are always welcome to assist Beyond the Mask with its various projects. In particular, we are looking for:

  • Pain management experts who would like to be part of the advisory committee or the project team for the Pain Management Project;

  • Educators interested in designing and planning future Leadership Days;

  • Experts in community building/change management/communication who would like to help develop the new Members Engagement app.

 Helping out with BTM is a fantastic way to build leadership skills while contributing to increasing the profile of the Section.  For more details, or to sign up, please visit this page.

~ Members Who Are Going Beyond the Mask~

Dr. Ashraf Fayad

Fall 2019

Dr. Paul Gill

Fall 2018 Interview

Dr. Derek Manchuk

Summer 2019

Dr. Viren Naik

Summer 2018

Dr. Tania Di Renna

Spring 2019

Dr. Hance Clarke

Spring 2018

Dr. Nadia Alam

Winter 2018 Interview

Dr. Michael Sullivan

Fall 2017 Interview

Dr. Beverley Orser

Spring 2017 Interview

Dr. Valerie Schulz

Summer 2016 Interview

Dr. Patricia Houston

Spring 2016 Interview

Dr. Ted Crosby

Winter 2016 Interview

Dr. Sanjay Acharya

Summer 2015 Interview

Congratulations to the Recipient of our 2018 Distinguished Service Award, Dr. Doreen Yee from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

The Ontario’s Anesthesiologists Distinguished Service Award is awarded to an Anesthesiologist in recognition of outstanding contributions in patient care and the promotion of our specialty over the course of their career.  It is the highest honour our organization can bestow.  Our 2018 Distinguished Service Award was awarded to Dr. Doreen Yee from Toronto... Click here for the full article


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