Welcome to “Stop Smoking for Safer Surgery”

This site was developed by Ontario’s Anesthesiologists to persuade patients to stop smoking before they have surgery. Most smokers know that it is bad for them. Very few smokers know that it is important that they should stop smoking before they have an anesthetic for surgery. They do not realize that smoking increases their risk from anesthesia, and in some cases makes it less likely that their operation will be successful. Wound infections and delayed healing are also more common in people who smoke. If you are a smoker, you need to know that stopping smoking before surgery helps to decrease risk and improves your chance of a having a successful operation. You should also know that:

  • Hospitals are non-smoking areas, so often you will not be able to smoke while in hospital
  • The chances of withdrawal symptoms are less if you stop while in hospital
  • The break from routines can help to get you out of the habit of smoking.
  • Hospitals can often provide help and advice with stopping smoking, and refer you for follow up with services near your home.

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