2016 Recipients of the Ontario's Anesthesiologists Distinguished Service Award 

Congratulations to Dr. robert severs, Recipient of the 2016-17 Distinguished Service Award. Pictured with our section Chair, Dr. Chris harle

Congratulations to Dr. robert severs, Recipient of the 2016-17 Distinguished Service Award. Pictured with our section Chair, Dr. Chris harle

Ontario’s Anesthesiologists Distinguished Service Award is awarded to an Anesthesiologist in recognition of outstanding contributions in patient care and the promotion of our specialty over the course of one’s career.  It is the highest honour our organization can bestow.  We are very proud to award 2016 Distinguished Service Awards to Dr. Robert Severs and Dr. Geraint Lewis. 

Dr. Robert Severs

Dr. Robert Severs exemplifies leadership qualities and characteristics by contributing to the advancement of patient care. There is no better way to explain some of his qualities than to quote a portion of Dr. Vinod Nair MD Nomination letter he provided. “I have been an anesthesiologist colleague of Dr. Severs for 8 years.  In that time, he has always been an excellent anesthesiologist, outstanding leader and a passionate teacher to medical students and residents. With respect to his commitment to clinical service, he has always been a supportive colleague, providing valuable clinical insight to a variety of anesthetic problems, or by picking up extra cases at the request of a colleague.  I personally have always appreciated the latter, as it allowed me to be at home more with my young family, especially during a time of significant illness.  He brought his clinical skills to a variety of areas associated with anesthesia, including Intensive Care and Chronic Pain.  It is a testament to Dr. Severs’ abilities as a communicator and administrative leader to achieve the position of Chief of the Medical Staff.”  I believe Dr. Severs has, over his career, surpassed many of the roles expected of a Distinguished Service Award winner.  I have no hesitation in supporting Dr. Severs of his nomination for this very honourable award.  Ontario’s anesthesiologists will be proud to acknowledge Dr. Severs with this award.”

Congratulations to D    r.  Geraint Lewis , Recipient of the 2016-17 Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to Dr. Geraint Lewis, Recipient of the 2016-17 Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Geraint Lewis

Daniel I McIsaac MD, MPH, FRCPC, had these amazing words to say about Dr. Geraint Lewis’s exemplary attitude, commitment and leadership characteristics.“ I have known Dr. Lewis since 2009, when I met him in my first year of anesthesiology residency at the University of Ottawa. Having trained under Dr. Lewis, and having had the privilege of being his colleague as a staff anesthesiologist at The Ottawa Hospital, I was frequently impressed with Geraint’s professional and effective approach to patient care and education. Geraint had a unique and effective manner in ensuring that patients were appropriately informed of anesthetic options and risk, while ensuring that their wishes and concerns aligned appropriately with a perioperative plan of care aimed at ensuring their best outcome.  Through his role in establishing anesthesia care teams for eye care surgery, and medical directives allowing for effective multidisciplinary care with our anesthesia assistants at The Ottawa Hospital, Geraint has clearly planted important seeds that will continue to grow as the roles of anesthesiologists in perioperative medicine sustainably expand.

In summary, Geraint Lewis is an example of what all anesthesiologists should aspire to: a professional, engaged, and effective clinician, leader and educator. Geraint’s influence on our specialty during his career in practice was substantial, and based on his strong qualities as a colleague and mentor, will continue to for the foreseeable future”.